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Making change … Glow Fitness recently made the change to Spotify.  Click here to see a sample of my spin playlists or  join Glow Fitness on Spotify for the latest studio and group cycle class playlists!

Hope LeVin ~ sponsored athlete for Glow Fitness

Glow Fitness Sponsored Athlete …
What is she up to?

She is busy organizing Windvibes 2016. The event kicks off on Saturday, July 9, with a walking parade through Grace Bay. The route will run from the Seven Star roundabout and finish at a local venue to kick off the event.
Sunday, July 10 is the main event! Get ready for a full day of watersports, beach activities, music and more as we celebrate the 10th annual Windvibes on Long Bay Beach! Amateur competitions are open to everyone, and registration will be open the day of the events, beginning at 10am.  [read more]
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Fitness in the Turks and Caicos

Glow Fitness offers personal training, group fitness classes, yoga and also features thai yoga massage.  Training sessions can take place at your villa, in studio, or on the beach.  Thai yoga is available at your villa or in studio.  Group Fitness classes take place at the Graceway Sports Centre and Wrightfully Fit Fitness Centre in the heart of Grace Bay.

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage was featured in the 10th Edition of Turks and Caicos Magazine.  Nancy was pleased to included the company of some amazing woman entrepreneurs.  The magazine is available online or you can pick up at many locations on island.

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