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Spin Classes at Wrightfully Fit - Saltmills

Fitness while in the Turks and Caicos

Do you want results fast ~ Nancy’s favourite advise ~ get on a bike!

Spin classes will help you lose weight and get your cardio in top condition.  There is a reason.  It can be a fantastic workout and it can become an addiction as you constantly push yourself harder, as you are getting fitter and stronger.  There is an excitement about challenging yourself up hills, sprinting and finally pushing yourself across the finish line at the end of class. It is a great calorie burn and cardio maximizer.  If you like to sweat ~ these fitness classes are for you!

Class Schedule ~ Wrightfully Fit 2 in Grace Bay

RIDE+ CORE ~  This fusion class offers 40 minutes of intense cycling followed by 15 minutes of core training. Increase your cardio ability AND strengthen your core.

RIDE+ BOOTCAMP ~  Ride the bike and get ‘ripped’ in one workout with HIIT intervals of cycling and off-the-bike strength, core and/or high intensity training.

RIDE+ STRETCH ~  A ride with high intensity interval drills. Interval training is the most effective way to get fit and lose weight, and finish with 15 minute stretch.

RIDE+ STRENGTH ~ An intense 45 minutes of  spinning drills followed by a quick but effective circuit of strength training!   The quickest way to lose fat and get lean.

Private cycle training also available, for more information [contact] Nancy.